so in conclusion

  • martin freeman’s wife is mary watson
  • sherlock’s parents are benedict’s parents
  • the producer sue vertue is moffats wife
  • moriarty’s barrister is mark gatiss’ husband
  • young sherlock is moffat’s son
  • redbeard is martin and amandas dog
  • executive producer is moffat’s mother-in-law
  • the hound drawings in the hound of baskerville are made by moffat’s son

Like to nominate myself as Cumberbatch’s girlfriend lol

Consistently Inconsistant

Keeping with my usual form, I am consistently inconsistant. I did manage to find my grandmother’s ring (after sorting through 5 bags of trash) in my purse; I still don’t know how it got there.

Everything’s Not Lost …

So I lost my grandmother’s ring today, and anyone who’s ever lost something like that knows how I feel. I feel like I let her down, and I can’t tell her I’m sorry because she died when I was three. I’ve worn that ring almost every day since I was seventeen, so for almost eight years it has been my most prized possession.

I’ve searched everywhere for the ring, I’ve tossed the house up and down to no avail. If anyone is reading this, any suggestion on how to ease the pain? 

So, here is my first post. I can’t lie, I’m not entirely sure how these blog things work, but I do understand that there is a need to share with others and if anyone is interested in following along, I’ll be here sharing.